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For this weeks going Underground I decided to do something of a more comical nature. Enjoy!

I’ve decided to write about the band Yashin. A band with a name which is as fucking stupid and crap as their music. This edition has been pretty much lifted from my personal blog, specifically from a post I wrote about the Vans: Slam Dunk Music Night, which took place this past Saturday (23/10/10).

“There’s two rooms, a punk one and a “scene metal” bullshit room. Which would you choose? I chose the shit one. It was fucking hilarious.

A band called Yashin. Total joke. Bunch of skinny jeans wearing, late twenty something arseholes, with more hair products than Tres-Emmé. These beautiful perms that would look perfect on the cover of Vogue. But fuck that! We can have great hair and still be in a tough guy hardcore band. Score!

So this pansy six piece execute their clearly choreographed bullshit while the loyal audience of 14 year old girls finger themselves relentlessly with every fringe flick and low grunty “OH.” I loved it. Better than any “Live at the Apollo” stand up I’ve ever seen.” So if you haven’t had the utter pleasure of hearing, watching and just being part of the incredible musical ineptitude of these fine young gentleman, please do. It will easily relieve any form of depression you may be suffering.

You can listen to them on their MySpace with such hits like ‘Jump The Fuck Up Manchester’ and ‘America Island, Scotland,’ probably. But don’t blame me if you feel like you’ve wasted a small segment of your life that you’ll never get back. Honestly, when will people stop taking a genre called “Screamo” serious? Really? Screamo? What ever floats your boat I guess.

Yashin get 5/5 brews for being that shit.

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  1. Lauren says:

    This made me laugh,I know this review is old but I don’t care. I love Yashin and I think this review shows a pretty bleak description of them. There are so many bands nowadays classed with the wrong genre, infact genre in itself is messed up, as long as you like it who really cares what it is classed as? Pretty much everything and everyone is sterotyped and labled and this is a prime example. I also like how you called them ‘arseholes’ these guys have worked hard to get were they are you on the other hand just sit down and type reviews and think you can laugh at them? Well I laugh at you:)

  2. Sly Cooper says:

    The thing is, having read Moon & Back for a while, Critchley is pretty much on the ball with most of his stuff. Frist up, he says the post is going to be “comical” and was lifted from his blog.
    From what I heard from that second room in Manchester (seriously, you should have all been there for Fenix TX and maybe Canterbury) he’s right. They tried to hard and failed miserably.

    • Lauren says:

      At least they tried it doesnt exactly take a lot of effort to sit and judge a band. I saw them live in December when they were supporting Emarosa and me, my friends and the rest of the crowd could not have been happier, they even did a little crowd surf. Didnt fail miserably there did they? Practice makes perfect, don’t put peopledown before they’ve even started, I love how much they’ve proved the review wrong 🙂

  3. Ian Critchley says:

    duly noted.

  4. Lottie says:

    I personally think that reviews bullshit. Gonna go see them on the 18th and have seen the twice before and both times they have been better than the headlining band. Nuff said.

  5. jordan says:

    What kind of review is this? They’re a great band, very talented and successful all you’ve basically said is ‘i think they’re shit’ get a life

  6. Ian the King says:

    I’d just like to point out, how does everyone know I’m not in a successful band? A lot of people in big bands write for small websites using fake names. I could be one of them. Yashin aren’t successful, they’re wank.

  7. Troooofage says:

    “worked hard” = get on a TV talent (!) show and have a manager who was their mate, and also coincidentally a promoter for one of the bigger promoters in Glasgow, meaning they automatically got first dibs on all the bigger venue support slots. We’ll just not mention any big ‘tour buy-ons’ either 🙂

    Now where is my can of Relentless, sponsored by Yashin.

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