Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 7: Love Boobs. Hate Cancer.

“Flaming Labias…Bubbling Chi-Chi’s…Vaginal Explosion…What were we talking about again?” – Ian Critchley

Under The Bridge returns this week with a slightly new format. We’ve tweaked it a little and have actually managed to get it down to just under an hour (before editing). Don’t worry, the same amount of banter is still there. It’s just a lot more focused. You’ll enjoy it more now, mainly because you’ll be able to listen to the whole thing without falling asleep.

This week we talked a bit about the Against Me tour cancellation, Dave Grohl vs. The Scissor Sisters and even Joe McElderry. The big talking point this episode was Lexapalooza – the all day gig in London dedicated to Lexi Burrows in aid of Breast Cancer Campaign. It’s just a shame we couldn’t get this up before the gig on Saturday. We’ll talk more about how the gig went on the next show.

This week’s music was provided by, Pontefract punkers, Above Them:

. For Those Who Paved The Way

. Put Your Heart Into This

. Give It Up To Start Again

. Perfect Like Life

. Keep Smiling

Go on, have a listen

Under The Bridge – Episode 7: Love Boobs. Hate Cancer. (Right click/ctrl + click to download)

Main Topic


  • Talk a bit about the gig/day
  • Talk a bit about the cause
  • Who was there? Who do we rate?


Dave Grohl Sues Scissor Sisters

  • Suing the band, the venue, ticketmaster, their label and everyone else for $75million
  • Listen to the interview.

New 7” Coming From Chris Wollard & The Ship Thieves

  • Sound Bully Recordings announced this earlier in the week
  • Two new songs
  • Released October 29th at The Fest 9
    • Limited To 500 Copies

Fat Wreck Brining Back ‘Fat Music’ Series

  • Volume 7 – Harder, Fatter + Louder is coming out on November 23rd
  • Features artists such as: NOFX, The Lawrence Arms, Against Me!, Smoke Or Fire and Dillinger Four

Against Me! Cancel UK/European Tour

  • Due to “unforseen circumstances”
  • Crazy Arm, Fucked Up, Japanese Voyeurs trying to “salvage” some dates
    • Vans night looks on track
  • Everyone is gutted. Fans and bands both.

Germs Of Perfection

  • We now have details on that Bad Religion tribute album.
  • A new track streamed daily on MySpace
  • Barlow’s Daily Feature

Joe McElderry Almost Wet Himself At A Beyonce Gig

  • Spent the entire show needing a piss.



Where Can We Find You On The Internet?


  • Twitter – AntBarlow
  • Facebook – Anthony Barlow
  • Blog – willneverearnit.tumblr.com


  • Facebook – Harmonica Frank
  • Blog – youmakemecringe.tumblr.com


Stuff worth mentioning

  • Sundowner – We Chase The Waves album review
  • Germs Of Perfection daily feature.
  • Going Underground is back!

Coming Soon

  • Bad Religion – The Dissent Of Man album review
  • Well Wisher EP review
  • Oli Wood Interview
  • Andrew Jackson Jihad Interview
  • The Xcerts Album Review
  • Dicking Around in London coming soon


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