Promo :: 1969 Key To Change

If you hadn’t already guessed, charity is important to me. I do believe it first starts at home, but giving a little to a worthy cause is a wonderfully noble thing to do. After my promotion of Lexapalooza, I thought this charity album should be next on the list.

1969 Key To Change is an album with covers from the titular year by contemporary artists from across the UK. It’s being put out by Fairshare Music, a service I knew little of before now. They sell a range of music from a whole bunch of artists, with a portion of the sale going to a charity of your choice. How cool is that?! This latest project includes the likes of, ex-Smiths and current Cribs guitarist Johnny Marr, Manchester icon Ian Brown and Moon & Back’s favourite punk rock troubadour Frank Turner.

You can purchase the album for £7.99 (£4.45 goes to charity) and hear a bunch of cool covers. Check it out here.

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