Ska & Pop-Punk Promo :: Fighting Evil is Cool!

Closing the record is Brain Salad, a zombie anthem with the chant “what do we want? we want brains, brains, brains.”

The thing with local bands is that there’s so many of them. Pretty much all are shit. But occasionally one of them, despite not ‘making it big’ or what-not, seem to stick together because they seem to just have so much fun. Half Man Half Biscuit spring to mind. Another one, is Fighting Evil is Cool!. It’s not just the fact that there’s cutesy four-chord riffs and a trumpet that makes you realise that here is a band not doing it because they want to be the next NME-cover fuck-wits, but that they’re doing it for the shits and giggles. And that’s something no review is ever gonna convey really, but we’ll try for the craic.

Quintet ska-punk outfit Fighting Evil is Cool! hail from Derby way. They sound like what The Sprites and The Zutons would if they co-wrote an album. There’s a trumpet, a kazoo gets brought in given half an opportunity, and there’s songs about hobos, satanists, zombies and giant monsters. I know of well established ska bands that don’t do what these guys do half as well. So what is it they do?

They’re a band you’d stumble upon playing a back-room in a pub and end up, ten pints later, £30 quid down and alot of skanking later, dancing with complete strangers thinking they’re your best mates. They’re a band you’d remember with fond memories a couple months down the line and go “yea, that was a wicked night”. They’re young and energetic and a little bit geeky.

So, highlights of the debut? Baron Nagant features the kazoo previously mentioned, has really fantastic progression and catchy hooks: it’s a sweetly made pop song. Dave gets a little bit more punky and Go On Get Wasted has gotta be up there in a dual with Titus Andronicus’ Theme From Cheers for the coveted title of Drinking Song of 2010. Closing the record is Brain Salad, a zombie anthem with the chant “what do we want? we want brains, brains, brains.”

Simply put: if you’re into ska and bouncy songs, check ’em out. You’ll find something you like. If they’re gigging in your area, go. I bet they’re wicked fun live.

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3 Responses to “Ska & Pop-Punk Promo :: Fighting Evil is Cool!”

  1. charlie says:

    I watched these guys live, they’re brilliant! Catchy tunes, bouncy riffs, and a cracking sense of humour!

  2. Grant says:

    If only I could see these dudes live…

    The best ‘local’ band and, perhaps, general band I’ve ever listened to. They are, indeed, energetic and the subjects of their songs make them even more worth listening to!

  3. Beth says:

    Defo the most fun I’ve ever had watching a band was watching these guys, absolutely brilliant everyone should go see them! 🙂

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