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The boys from Films of Colour chat to M&B

Films of Colour As a follow up to the advanced preview of their latest single, Actions, released on October 4th, Films of Colour agreed to a few intimate questions regarding their past, present and future. As ever they have been excellent sports and  have opened up their memories and imaginations for a good old plundering.

M&B: When exactly did the band come together in the format it is just now?

F.O.C: The band has been together for about two and a half years now and the lineup has remained the same since the beginning. The two James’ and I met at university, but we met Jack through chance. We’d seen him around and were convinced he must be a musician, we asked him and it turned out we were right, so he came and played a few songs with us and that was that.  To clarify, Films of Colour is Andy Clutterbuck on Vocals/Guitar, James Hatcher on Lead Guitar, Jack Allinson on Bass and all things electronic and James Rees on Drums.

M&B: I understand that Andy was very close to quitting the music industry as a whole, the almost ethereal intervention from Chris Martin being the deciding factor. How much of an influence was he as an artist in the first place?

F.O.C: Coldplay have influenced our sound, particularly their older material like ‘Parachutes’. But they’re definitely not one of our biggest influences, I’d say that Radiohead grab that slot. But bands like Coldplay and Radiohead etc are all inspirational in terms of how they’ve built their band from something so small, to being known all over the world.

M&B: The upcoming single has quite an eclectic sound to it, what is the inspiration behind that?

F.O.C: I’m not sure it was inspired by anything as such.  It just seems to be the way it has turned out. Our producer Duncan Mills is always great to work with and has done a great job at making the single sound unique. We enjoy writing both uplifting songs like ‘Actions’ equally much as we enjoy writing moody and mysterious songs more like ‘Circles’.  I suppose everybody experiences these contrasting moods at some points and hopefully people can relate to that when they listen.

M&B: With the excitement and hectic schedule I imagine you have at the moment with this upcoming single, what are your hopes for it, both realistically and in your wildest fantasies?

F.O.C: Realistically we plan to come out of the single in a stronger position and to start building up a team around us that will help us to progress further and I guess the main thing we would like is to have a recording/publishing agreement in place with a company who are passionate about us and our music.  In terms of wildest fantasies – Japanese/American tour would be very cool.

M&B: Who would you say your target audience is? Ages? Gender? Music tastes etc.

F.O.C: I’d like to think we appeal to quite a broad audience, but more specifically I’d say it’s 18-99 year olds.

M&B: Is there a fully loaded album in the works? Can I have an exclusive preview of the title, track names (that’s brave of me I know!)

F.O.C: We have about 25 – 30 songs in the running to be included on the album, but as of yet we have not done the cherry picking so to speak, so unfortunately we are not in a position to give track names away. We’ll be heading back into Strongroom or AIR studios over the next couple of months to record a few more tracks ready for the next single and B-side, which will probably be released early next year. We know which tracks we’re recording, but best not give too much away at this stage!

M&B: With the advent of the tour, is it all very rock n roll or are you a band who generally likes a cup of hot cocoa and an early night after a gig?

F.O.C: We mix our hot chocolate mix with alcohol rather than water and milk, to create a rock n roll, yet very comforting experience.

Jonathan Whitelaw

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