Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 5: Lovely, Grovelly, Gravelly Groans

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“The Blackout are turd…they’ve got, like, two singers and they shouldn’t even have one” – Ian Critchley

Anthony was a little under the weather this week. His sore throat and bastardly, nature combined with a love for The Lawrence Arms, made ‘Lovely, Grovelly, Gravelly Groans’ the perfect subtitle for episode 5. This week we discuss music videogames and what we think of them, our disdain for festivals, how Tupac, Biggie, Elvis and Kurt Cobain are all living on the island from LOST (complete with polar bear!), John Berna brings us more words of widsom and it’s as unsavory as ever. Lovely!

This week’s music is a little different to the usual fare we use as jingles. The soothing tones of the Vitamin String Quartet split up our segments this week, but can you guess which songs they’re playing? All will be revealed at the end of the show. So, go on, have a listen! (The list is also available at the end of the show notes and in the description on iTunes, if you want to cheat).

Under The Bridge – Episode 5: Lovely, Grovelly, Gravelly Groans


  • New Frank Turner EP confirmed for November
    • New full-length in “Early 2011”
    • Album with Jon Snodgrass
  • Blink-182 coming back to the UK next summer
  • Canterbury join The Blackout & Set Your Goals as support for You Me At Six’s next UK tour
  • Meatloaf announces UK tour dates
    • We have to interview Meatloaf!
  • Katy Perry has been offered $340,000 to judge the US version of X-Factor
  • Green Day planning new live album
    • The news was announced during a show in Colorado
    • They also played a new song
  • Axl Rose is in loads of shit with festival promoters
    • GNR turned up an hour late at Reading
    • Gave promoters shit at Leeds – Be safe getting out of here. And for the problems with the promoters: fuck you.’
  • Rod Steward’s 8th child to be his last
  • Leona Lewis is a bitch
    • Didn’t speak to her support act, Gabriella Climi, whilst on tour
  • Susan Boyle has moved house
  • Jacko’s kids are having trouble fitting in at school due to bodyguards
    • No shit, Sherlock!

Main Topic

  • Music videogames: a discussion
  • Festivals: a discussion.

What Anthony’s Been Listening To:

  • Vitamin String Quartet
  • Real Ghosts Caught On Tape…still
  • Dan Andriano/Mike Felmulee split

What Ian’s Been Listening To:

  • Loads.


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John Berna’s Words Of Wisdom

  • “Ladies, Being Pregnant is a problem, having your period is a blessing, so stop complaining about how bad it is.” – John Berna (2010)
  • John Berna’s Twitter

Where Can We Find You On The Internet?


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    • Films of Color – ‘Actions’ advance single review by Jonathan Whitelaw
    • Fake Problems – ‘Real Ghosts Caught On Tape’ advance review
    • Going Underground – Special Agent Set
    • Iron Maiden – ‘The Final Frontier’ album review by Jonathan Whitelaw
    • Dave McWane (Big D & The Kids Table) interview
    • We Were Promised Jetpacks gig review from Edge Festival by Natalie Deans
    • Blink-182 gig review from Glasgow SECC by Natalie Deans
  • Coming Up
    • Bad Religion gig review from Academy 2, Manchester
    • Get Up Kids gig review from The Dog & Partridge, Bolton
    • Matt Skiba – ‘Demos’ album review
    • Next installment of Going Underground
  • @Mandbmusic on Twitter
  • This week’s music is provided by the Vitamin String Quartet
    • Can you guess which songs they’ve covered?

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