Advanced Single Review :: Films of Colour – Actions

The indie seen is flourishing so what does it take to succeed? Whatever it is, Films of Colour might just have it.

Films of Colour

Films of Colour

With an impressive resume that includes highly encouraging words from Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Films of Colour are about to make their mainstream, commercial debut this October with a rather interesting first single; Actions Having struggled recently with the very competitive market and highly dubious industry, Andy Clutterbuck and company deliver a performance that is sure to set the indie rock world alight.

As with many smaller artists in the current socio-economical climate, catching that one big break can be almost nightmarish to achieve, if not impossible. Never to be dejected however, there can sometimes be help in the strangest places, as Clutterbuck and his musical comrades found out. Of course it does always help when global superstar Chris Martin lives next door to you and, in a rather surprising act of generosity beyond the realms of his own stratosphere, gives your band a chance. This almost Cinderella tale of rags to (potential) riches is what has befallen Films of Colour, their music is not half bad either as it goes.

Kicking off this debut single, released on the 4th of October on Fandango Records, is the eponymous track “Actions”. With an eclecticly haunting mood, the tepid thunder of James Rees and James Hatcher in the percussion section announce the arrival of the band in a typically indie rock fashion. Clutterbuck’s vocals elict more than a few comparisons to his famous neighbour, his vocal range however delivering a competent and enjoyable trip through this master crafted world of remorse and potential life that the song undertakes.

On the B-Side of the album comes a much higher tempo, almost more upbeat track in the form of “Circles”. Once again Films of Colour’s deeply felt morose and indie flavoured sense of a pallid, non-caring world are very clearly stated. With the backing of a synth/electronica undercurrent, “Circles” once again demonstrates the band’s inept ability at story telling, imagery and artistic demeanour. The overall sound of the track has a chillingly cold sense of sensibility and pessimistic lethargy about it, lovingly crafted by the musicians. In particular, Jack Allinson on guitar is given full license to create a hauntingly beautiful guitar tone, its echoing resonance a microcosm for the overall themes of the song.

Overall this initial release from Films of Colour provides a deliciously tempting insight to what potential the band possess. In a market that is arguably overly crowded with purposely post post modern pessimism, Films of Colour appear to hold within their grasp individuality enough to perhaps create their own image and brand on an already successful genre. The single is released on October 4th on the Label Fandango.

Jonathan Whitelaw

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