Edge Festival :: We Were Promised Jetpacks @ Liquid Room

Last night Edge Festival goers migrated towards the Liquid Room to see Edinburgh rockers, We Were Promised Jetpacks (WWPJ) in a home town show.

I travelled through to meet some friends and catch the show, unfortunately one of them were running incredibly late and we missed the two support acts; coincidentally there’s a wee pub round the corner, Biddy Mulligans, that while a wee bit expensive for a pint is a quite good banter.

By the time we got in the place was packed, it’s not the biggest of venues and both the downstairs and balcony were at maximum capacity. It was enjoyable, even though it made me feel like a sardine, it wasn’t a gig were everyone is standing still the gig goers on the floor made the most of it, screaming and shouting and bouncing around.

The sound was good, it felt like you were listening to the album unlike some gigs where the clarity is dire and you feel it’s been a bit of a waste. We Were Promised Jetpacks themselves were awesome, you could tell that they really enjoyed the gig; I don’t think they put a foot wrong in the whole performance. All the guys were great but I’ve always said the drummer in WWPJ makes the band for me and it wasn’t any different last night. Without him their sound would not be complete, it adds another dimension to the sound and is the driving force behind the majority of the songs.

I would recommend seeing them if you ever have the chance, they were awesome live I’m just a bit sad I missed Sebastian Dangerfield and Endor as the support, however I did get a good pint so I can’t really complain.

Sebastian Dangerfield|Endor|We Were Promised Jetpacks

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