Gig Review :: Blink 182 – Glasgow SECC

It was the moment we had all been waiting for, Blink 182 were finally back and gracing the stage on a lovely tour and where was I… well about three rows from the front wedged between a fat, topless dude and a incredibly drunk, not-quite 18 year old.

I was lucky enough to see Blink play the Glasgow leg of their tour at the SECC on August 17th.

Due to some slight band difficulties the first support act never actually played so the only support was Glasgow band Twin Atlantic. The majority of people having come to see Blink and Blink only, there was a bit of a quiet reception for the Glasgow boys. Only a small number interspersed throughout the crowd really got going for them. I’ve seen them a good few times and the sound was good and it was clear to everyone that they enjoyed themselves up on stage. Highlight of their set (for me) was when some pre-pubescent kid decided to heckle them just before the last song. Lead singer Sam then proceeded to call him a “Fuckin’ wee dick” and the whole of the crowd then went on to hurl abuse at the poor fellow- much to everyone’s amusement.

On to the main event now, Blink 182. First time I’ve seen them and I will say that they did not disappoint in anyway. I was crushed, bruised and soaking by the end of the set but I came out the gig with a face splitting grin.

They’re banter on stage had everyone laughing and the crowd seemed to get a little crazier with every song. The sound was surprisingly good for the SECC (personally I hate the place as a venue) and it felt like a more intimate gig than usual- possibly due to the fact that I was closer to several hundred strangers than I’d ever like to be again.

Tom said half way through the set that he’d messed up a note just before the chorus and decided to play it for us all, just so we can get every note’s worth out of the gig. I don’t think anyone who was there could say that they didn’t get everything out of it, they were outstanding live.

The big finale was the best bit for me, you can’t beat a trip to Barker-land for a Travis drum solo, add in a tilting platform and him going upside down without missing a beat and no-one can deny he is an awesome drummer who knows how to put on a show. Just as the crowd were going mental for Travis, they finish things off with an energetic performance of Dammit. We all go nuts and stagger out having bought too much overpriced beer and merch, we’re bruised and covered in other people’s sweat… but we go home incredibly satisfied!


4 Responses to “Gig Review :: Blink 182 – Glasgow SECC”

  1. Paul says:

    setlist!?! 🙁

  2. According to it was:

    Dumpweed, Feeling This, The Rock Show, What’s My Age Again, Violence, I Miss You, Stay Together For The Kids, Down, Always, Stockholm Syndrome, First Date, Man Overboard, Don’t Leave Me, Not Now, All The Small Things, Reckless Abandon, Josie and Anthem Part 2

    Then the encore was: Travis’s drum solo, Carousel and Dammit. 🙂

  3. ticktoo says:

    Can’t WAIT to see them tomorrow at reading!!

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