EP Review :: Your First Mistake – Wide Awake and Watching

Your First Mistake are the latest band to come out of the Scottish capital and look to have a bright future ahead of them. The seemingly ever changing band line up has finally settled and if their EP “Wide Awake and Watching” is anything to go by, they have most definitely found their sound.

The four track EP was a good listen, the first impression I had while listening to the opening track, Michael, It Was Only an Illusion, was that it reminded me of something The Blackout would do. That’s not a bad thing, it’s the danger of music in the same genre, especially this sort of power pop/punk/rock- there is only so much you can do with power chords, but in Your First Mistake’s case they do it very well.

That being said every song was catchy, I almost intuitively felt that I could dance and sing along with them even though I hadn’t the faintest idea what was coming next.

For me, personally, the standout track of the album was All That’s Left Between Us Is Hope. I liked everything about this song, as I write this I’m humming the chorus to myself. The melody was catchy, lyrically I enjoyed it and the vocals were a bit of not bad as well.

I can imagine all of the tracks from Wide Awake and Watching being played out over the PA in a bar or being played live, they’re all good songs that you wouldn’t have a problem screaming along to or jumping around like an absolute tosser.

All in all Your First Mistake get my seal of approval, if you like something energetic that you can nod your head to or if you want something that’ll stick in your head hours after it’s finished I do highly recommend them.

Wide Awake and Watching is available now from iTunes and all other major MP3 distributors, or if you fancy hearing any of these songs live Your First Mistake are playing Studio 24 in Edinburgh, Saturday 21st August.


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