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Background Processes seemed to signal the end of Monster-0 for Daemon Hatfield. Under a new moniker (which also serves as his first name) Daemon created something that was a lot more chilled out and a world away from what he’d done previously. Monster-0 Works For You marks a return to the more rock-oriented sound that kick started Mr. Hatfield’s musical career.

Fans of Background Processes, fear not. This EP definitely bares traces of Daemon’s last album and he’s created a great, eclectic, electronic rock sound with these latest 5 tracks. ‘Never You Mind’ sets the record off right. It’s got this great mix of sounds that really make Daemon’s influences apparent, whilst still sounding unique. For me this is what makes all of his album’s great. He can meld different genres together in one track seamlessly. Nothing ever seems out of place.

There seems to have been a lot more experimentation here, than in his previous Monster-0 efforts. His influences shine through, but not in a way that’s glaring or obnoxious. Take ‘I Guess This Is My Life’, for example. It’s got a clear indie rock sound, reminiscent of bands like Radiohead. However, as the track progresses you can hear some of Daemon’s other, harder, musical influences creep in. The breakdown comes in the form of a videogame esque chip-tune ditty and, as the song comes to a close, a calming electronic melody guides you into the next track.

‘Mother Forever’ is the most hard rock-influenced track here. The harder guitar sound, combined with the electronic tinged vocals and off-beat percussion really works well. Once again, this shows off Hatfield’s talent as a songwriter and that the album was really well put together. It serves as a plateau for the record, gearing the listener up before introducing, the softer, ‘I Work For You’ and, the beautiful, wholly instrumental, ‘Ryan Writes Plays’.

Monster-0 Works For You is a solid batch of songs and some of Daemon’s best work to date. In many ways it’s different to anything out there, yet it remains completely accessible to any fan of alternative music who wants to hear something new. Hopefully this taster means there’s another full length on the way.


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