Promo :: Frank Turner’s New Single – ‘Try This At Home’

“Some of them are just like us, and some of them are dicks”

I’ve not written about Frank Turner in a while, something that may come as a shock to casual Moon & Back readers (whoever they are, I know you’re all hardcore). Well now seems as good a time as any, because he’s got a new single out and it’s dead good. Honest!

Earlier this year, Frank asked everyone to do exactly what the song says and ‘Try This At Home’. Alongside a few other judges, Frank picked out two B-sides for this latest release (one from the UK and one from elsewhere) that were submitted by fans. How cool is that?! Well now the single is being released and there’s a video for it, also featuring a bunch of Frank Turner fans. The new video, which was shot in a park – a place more appropriate for another track from Poetry Of The Deed – can be seen below. Look at it, listen to it (in all it’s censored glory) and then go and buy it.

You could get it from your favored digital download specialist, or perhaps you want it on an exclusive 7″ vinyl. Well if you do want the latter (I do) you can order it at Banquet Records. Do it! Now look at this video.

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