Podcast :: Under The Bridge – Episode 3: Limited To 1,000 Hand Numbered Copies!

“I’ve had three cans of cider in a very short time, and I am angry” – Ian Critchley

So we’re back with a third episode. This week we talk even more shit, but it’s less drunken. Our main topic this week is on music awards and more Jonah Matranga stuff (there’s some awesome quotes for you). We’ve also got a lot of news to get through, a more current what we’ve been listening to and we actually have emails!

Also: Ian and I speak French, Ian expresses his love for Derek Perry and we have some Blink-182 skits in here too!

Go on, have a listen:

Under The Bridge – Episode 3: Limited To 1,000 Hand Numbered Copies!

Show Notes

Under The Bridge Podcast  – Episode 3: Limited To 1,000 Hand Numbered Copies!
With: Anthony Barlow & Ian Critchley
Guests: N/A

Hello and welcome to Episode 3 of Under The Bridge, the official podcast of Moon & Back Music. My name’s Anthony Barlow, assistant editor at Moon & Back. Moon & Back’s official drunkard, Ian Critchley is with me too. How’s it going?
So last week was more of a success than the last and we hope to continue that trend with the third episode. We also received a little bit of criticism and some kind words for, one, John Berna. More from him later on. First we’d better do the news, because there’s loads of it.

  • News
    • Frank Turner’s finished some demos!
      • New EP supposedly coming in November
      • New single ‘Try This At Home’ out now!
        • Get the 7” from Banquet Records
    • AC/DC to release new live album
    • Alice Cooper auditioning for freaks
    • The Starting Line confirm new tour
    • No word on any UK dates
    • The Misfits to play Reading/Leeds?
    • Nope. It was a misquote.
    • Chuck Ragan to support Gaslight?
    • It’s not like we know anything about this *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*
    • Yellowcard are coming back
      • New album out early next year
    • Deadmau5 collapses on stage in Washington, DC
    • Lady Gaga avoids sex because she fears her creativity will suffer
    • No, it’s because she’s actually a bloke!
    • Justin Bieber is working on his memoirs
    • Argentina/Barcelona footballer, Lionel Messi to form Oasis cover band
      • This is the best news ever.
    • Fake Problems have won Moon & Back’s ‘Best Album Of 2010’ award, even before the album has been released.
  • Main Topic
    • Awards. Who gives a shit?
    • Sub topic: 10 Reasons: Why Jonah Matranga could get you laid
  • What Anthony’s Been Listening To (in chronological order, haha)
    • Fake Problems – ‘Soulless’
    • Jonah Matranga/Onelinedrawing
    • The Lawrence Arms – Apathy & Exhaustion
    • Blink-182
    • Myles Pereira
    • Alan Pownall
    • Marilyn Manson
  • What Ian’s Been Listening To
    • Above Them
    • Chillerton
    • Myles Pereira
    • Joy Division
    • Billy Talent
  • Emails
    • I think you guys should try and focus on more current releases in your ‘listening to sections’ – Chris Clark
    • Much love for John Berna – Anon.
  • John Berna’s Words Of Wisdom
    • “Better to cum on her than in her” – John Berna (2010)

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