EP Review :: Myles Pereira – Of Pears and Figs

Just who the hell is Myles Pereira?

London-based Myles Pereira is a Blues/Country/Rum influenced singer song writer, who curiously seems to be finding his place within local punk scenes. Surprisingly unknown, I first saw Myles play a low key punk gig in Manchester and was blown away. When he announced his EP was free to download, I felt I had to not only enjoy this five song gem, but also share it with the world. (well Moon and Back readers at least!)

The album opens with the track ‘Lumberer’ a track which truly sets the mood for the entire E.P. The sound is very personal and stripped down, giving a sense of intimacy that seems to be missing from even the biggest names of singers armed with acoustic guitars. (Yes I’m talking about you James Blunt, you don’t even come close to this kind of talent.)

The album continues in a similar fashion. Showing Myles as a very sensitive soul, tearing through his thoughts and emotions with a very unique a melodious vocal sound, which thankfully is not a product of careful auto-tune editing, as this euphony is not lost during his live performances.

As said earlier, the sound is very personal, and the production of the E.P echoes that with a kind of “high quality home recording” feel. This isn’t a hindrance, it only emphasizes the intimate nature of the EP. Each song feels to have it’s own sense of warmth which relates the subject matter of the poetic lyrical content.

The songs are in no sense “punk rock” but there is definitely something here that makes Myles Pereira playing alongside the upcoming bands of that scene work. What that is, I am not sure.

The four original works on this E.P are some of the most fantastic songs I have heard from a solo artist for a long time. In addition, there’s a cover of Danzig’s ‘Mother’ on here too!  It’s free, what more could you want?! So download Myles Pereira’s Of Pears and Figs, tell all your friends, find out when and if he’s playing near you and go and support this talented young man!

You can download the E.P from Myles’ MySpace page:

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