Be A Part Of Jonah Matranga’s New Album

Audience participation has reached a new level.

Have you ever wanted to share your talents with the world and be on a record that you can buy in shops and stuff? Well thanks to Jonah Matranga, you can! The singer/songwriter (and Far frontman) wants you to help him make his new album, regardless of your musical talent (although some would probably be nice).

The album is set to be released on August 11th and all contributors will be credited in the album’s liner notes. Jonah is very big on interacting with fans and this is his latest, and largest, way of doing so. Of course, he doesn’t just want you to do anything. He’s provided everyone with the stuff to get them started and is keeping everyone informed with the record’s progress.

So if you want to work with an amazing, truly lovely person and be part of musical history get involved! It’s on a voluntary basis, but he’s promised if it makes millions of dollars all contributors will be taken care of. This is a really cool, fun experiment and I hope it goes really well. Ian and I are getting involved, that’s unlikely to sway anyone though.

Head over to here for more details.

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