Dicking Around Presents :: Jonah Matranga

L-R: Martin, Ian, Jonah Matranga, Anthony

I bet some of you are reading this and wondering what the hell ‘Dicking Around Presents’ is and that’s what we are here to tell you. If you’re a reader of our work you’ll remember (hopefully) that, back when we interviewed Chris Farren, we mentioned “Dicking Around with Fake Problems” (we also brought this up to Tom Gabel too). Well that film is the works, but before that happens we decided to set up a little ‘production company’ and do a bit of video work for Moon & Back.

With Dicking Around Productions, we aim to bring you cool, music-based video content. Our first project was with, the lovely, Jonah Matranga. He allowed us to film some of his gig in Manchester last month and this is what we bring to you now. Sorry about the audio quality, we’ll be sure to fix that for our next video. Enjoy!

Jonah Matranga – ‘At Night We Live’

Jonah Matranga – ‘Smile’

All videos recorded and edited by Dicking Around Productions ©2010

We also interviewed Jonah Matranga and you can listen to that interview here on Moon & Back Music’s new podcast,  hosted by us two. The Under The Bridge podcast will be recorded every fortnight and will include some cool stuff. Check it out here.

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