Promo & Advance Review :: Sound of Guns – What Came From Fire

…as British as Wimbledon but with more balls (pun not intended)

Just over a month ago I received an album dictating the future of British rock. It’s scratchy guitar refrains, sing-along chants and raw sound draw on the best of 50 years of British rock and punk. We’re talking The Kinks mixed with The Clash, Pistols with Verve, Oasis with The Rolling Stones. The album is called What Came From Fire, it’s by Sound of Guns, and it’s released on the 28th.

For big-sounding indie-rock anthems, nothing has come so refreshing since Whatever People Say I Am… The raw energy displayed throughout the What Came From Fire has justifiably earned Sound of Guns massive fans like Steve Lamacq and Zane Lowe. It’s quality cannot be underestimated: here’s a band that know exactly what they want to do and how they want to do it.

There aint much complex stuff going on here: it’s distorted riffs and power chords, simple bass licks and pounding drums pretty much throughout. Opening two tracks Architects and Alcatraz provide a strong back-bone for the rest of the album that grabs you by not by the ears but whole face and demands a listen. Their punky guitar just shouts out at you “turn me up”, which you obligingly do. Simply, if you’re stuck in traffic with this on, you’re gonna annoy alot of fuckin people.

The album was produced by Chris Potter (Verve, U2) and it shows a bit too much at times. 106 (Still The Words) slows the pace too much with prog-sounding synthy guitairs.┬áBallad-esque Starts With An End sounds like a History rip-off and, being the final track, taints the album and leaves a depressing and unfortunate after-taste. But, if there’s one thing both tracks shows it’s potential and confidence to explore.

Final verdict time then: for a debut album, Sound of Guns’ What Came From Fire is strong. Very strong. It’s raw, heartfelt, stadium rock. It’s as British as Wimbledon but with more balls (pun not intended). It’s lineage and influences are strong and it’s confidence is felt. Simply, this is a band you’re not going to be able to ignore for much longer.

Sound Of Guns – Alcatraz

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