Rock’s Classics :: AC/DC – Let Me Put My Love into You.

One of AC/DC’s most overlooked classics, this track comes from a plethora of classics to choose from. It is with its quiet dignity and lack of airtime that make this song one of the very best.


AC/DC Circa 1980

After a brief hiatus, the beady eye of interest and nosiness casts its glare onto a classic song from a classic era of a classic band… How couldn’t this have been more acknowledged than it is? Swamped amongst hard hitting rock classics such as “Hells Bells” “You Shook Me All Night Long” and of course “Back in Black” we have “Let Me Put My Love into You” by AC/DC, a bastion of less being more and the variance of three chord hard rock.

The world of 1980 was a very different place compared to today. Musically the planet was in a way still reeling from the fall out of sixties as the airwaves were filled with countless disco badgers and hounds that would pollute anything with ears. The Eagles had called it quits in 1980, as did Led Zeppelin amongst others, two behemoths of their respective genres becoming dormant and leaving large spaces that may never be filled. Riding the wave of their massively successful breakout album Highway to Hell, AC/DC suffered a monumental and almost catastrophic disaster in the form of lead singer Bon Scott’s demise at the tender age of 33, dying as he lived, partying. But in true rock and roll fashion, the Australian hard rockers decided the best way to pay tribute to the late Scott was to soldier on and keep going as he would have wanted. Geordie screamer Brian Johnson stepped into the fray and brought his own brand of grass roots, salt of the earth experience to the already blue collar band. The end result was Back in Black which would go on to be the second best selling album of all time, the scale of which can be seen considering the best is Michael Jackson’s seminal work Thriller.

Which brings the action neatly to the subject of this profile. Perhaps most famous for being the lead in track for the decisive “Back in Black”, “Let Me Put My Love into You.” Is a creeping, looming song that has an unassuming menace to its tone, lyrics and overall performance. As the title suggests there is no deep meaning, ambiguous or even, dare it be said, creative undercurrent to the song that makes it all the more enjoyable. Coming from a band who makes no qualms about their love for all things fornicated and party oriented, the song is an unusually barefaced, stark statement of the formula they have mastered and kept blasting out of their amps for almost forty years.

Even from the geography of the song on the album, “Let Me Put my Love into You.” Is a stark difference from the previous four tracks that precede it. In this sense, the song acts as a bridge for the two separate acts of the album as a whole, representing a transition from the first half of the album into the second, no mean feat considering the lasting impact of songs such as “Back in Black”, “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Rock and Roll Aint Noise Pollution” all major staples of AC/DC’s legacy and hard rock trend setters. With the distinctly sedated three chord riff and pounding bassline, “Let me Put my Love into You.” Strikes the listener immediately as a break from the norm and stands as a testimony to the artists’ ability to create a wonderful sound in a less is more fashion, more so considering both the band’s track record and the genre’s more demanding, loud and fierce tendencies.

It is with all of these factors that the song builds itself up quietly and unassumingly on an album that is literally chocked full of classics from start to finish. “Let Me Put My Love into You.” Is therefore a wonderful track that delivers to fans and new listeners alike both an excellent rock track and a piece of production and tactical musical ability. From an album that has been noted as one of the best ever and from an era of music that is now considered transitional in its depiction, Back in Black can still be considered a fitting tribute from a band to their fallen hero and a must listen to anybody interested in music.

Jonathan Whitelaw

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