Electro Filth for 2010 :: Noisia – Split the Atom

Take a shotgun. Put barrel in mouth. Pull trigger.

Enter club toilets. Nod at freshen-up man. Slip across a crisp twenty. Take all in one go.

Buy a strobe light. Turn it to fastest setting. Stare at it for 3 days.

There are many ways to fuck with your head this summer, but buying Noisia’s new single is probably the easiest…

‘Split the Atom’ is a ridiculously filthy mix of electro and thumping bassline, awesomely catchy hooks and breaks to die for. The title-track off the Dutch trio’s critically-acclaimed album of the same name, this is gonna be dropping on dancefloors for sure. Single is out on 31st May.

Check out the sweet vid below which caused a little bit of bother on YouTube recently…

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2 Responses to “Electro Filth for 2010 :: Noisia – Split the Atom”

  1. Rob says:

    Noisia pretty much do one thing right with their tracks, and that’s the frankly offensive amount of bass in them.
    But that’s not a bad thing. Oh no. 8)

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