Promo:: Netsky

Netsky is of a rather unique breed – he has the ability to do what every musician dreams about – to create a brainchild – a recognizable sound that is theirs.

That said,  it’s no surprise this guy’s debut album has been snapped up by Hospital Records, arguebly the world’s best Liquid Drum ‘n’ Bass record label. What sets him aside from other artists? The basslines he writes blend what can only be described as Burial-esque Dubstep sub-bass with a rhythm that screams funk. Then there’s the piano’s – the delicate licks that set atmosphere, the notation nearly irrelevant. Netsky is an Enigma – things that shouldn’t work do – and that’s something.

The first track I heard of his was “I Refuse.” How did it sound? A little under-produced, in truth. The track itself isn’t much more than a drumloop, a sampled vocal line, a bit of atmosphere and a wobbling bassline. What drove it to the ridiculously positive reviews was one simple thing – soul. Netsky is someone that captures imagination, the music itself a catalyst and not just the bland Jump-Up written for the masses to brock out to. Whoever the vocalist may be, his voice encapsulates pain and hurt. Does this happen often in Drum N Bass? Does it fuck.

Going from strength to strength, Netsky’s production rips most to shreds, and you can’t help but feel that he’s found himself since his earlier tracks. He’s a man with ideas, a shivering breath of fresh air in a world genericism. And, all else failing, there’s a great summery vibe to the majority of his tracks – Everyday especially – and if you can’t appreciate that, then you’ll be the only one not dancing. And that really, really sucks for you.

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