The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun

We’ve had this charming young fellow recommended to us by the same folk who also sent over my still-favourite-of-2010-so-far, ArdentJohn. Folky and home-grown, Colin Macleod hails from the Isle of Lewis but now resides in the bustle of London.

His music…well, the easiest thing to say is that there’s a descriptive omission to his name. It should probably read The Boy Who Trapped The Sun, And Then Sent It Back Into The World Via The Medium Of Music, but that’d be a mouthful. It’s music to fall in love to, like the Weepies. Innocent, charming, sentimental and perfectly suited to himself. It’s not over-done, over-thought nor over-produced. For what it is, it’s really rather perfect.

The Boy Who Trapped The Sun’s first EP ‘Home‘ is out now, and debut album ‘Fireplace‘ is out this summer – the title-track is beautiful and lyrically reminiscent of Broken Records and Belle & Sebastian.

We recommend you to keep at least half an eye and a full ear open to this chap in 2010 and encourage you to check him out online.

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