I’ve heard summer already: it’s K-Os and Sub Focus

Apparently, anthemic isn’t a real word. Well god-damn it, it should be. And more importantly, it should be used this summer. Alot. Why? Because two singles are set to be heard blasting out of the likes of Radio 1 and MTV. And they are:

Sub Focus feat. Coco :: Splash, out May 10th

All you lovers of non-mainstream DnB are probably gonna hate it, call me a cretin and ‘diss me blog’ (it’s happened before, you know). So to appease¬†you, we’ll call it pop-DnB and tell you it comes with or without the flitting vocals of Coco, (of I Blame Coco fame). It’s a fast-paced, freakingly hot tune tastefully produced and once more, since his ’09 release, elevates Sub Focus into more than just DnB circles.

Included as B-sides are the extended, instrumental mix which is less commercial than the single and the grime-sounding Rusko Remix which adds a bit more ghetto to the mix, shall we say.

K-Os :: I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman, feat. Nellie Furtado, out 19th April

Okay, I’m a tad late in posting about this one – but that’s only because I’ve been too busy listening to it and being unable, like actually physically unable, to turn it off it’s that good, seriously.

K-Os releases his third album Yes! to the world on May 3rd (we’ve got copies and it is, simply, awesome). Sampling Phat Planet’s god-awful, should-have-been-forgotten California and bringing in Nellie Furtado along with Saukrates, K-Os creates a catchy, pop-friendly, bbq tune. It’s slow, chilled and different enough to be interesting. In a recent interview, K-Os stated “popular culture will always dictate what’s okay to an extent as long as it’s leashed to something that is familar” – perfectly summed up in our opinion.

K-OS Yes! Sub Focus feat. Coco :: Spash

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  1. Lee says:

    fuckin good tunes man, noooice one

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