Gig Review :: The Lawrence Arms @ The Cockpit, Leeds, 31/03/10

Chicago punk trio, the Lawrence Arms, aren’t exactly known for their excessive touring, so their recent short UK tour was welcomed with open arms by fans.

‘Recovering The Opposable Thumb’ set the tone for the evening with the crowd singing along with front man and bassist Brendan Kelly and guitarist/ vocalist Chris McCaughan. The set list followed a general trend of fast paced, frantic songs interspersed with some of the band’s slower material. ‘Rambling Boys Of Pleasure’ and‘Chapter 13: The Hero Appears’ are both prime examples. The majority of material was mostly taken from, the 2006 album, ‘Oh Calcutta’. The most memorable tracks being ‘Lose Your Illusion 1’, ‘Like A Record Player’ (which, fellow Moon & Back-er Anthony wants to point out, was an awesome set closer) and ‘The Devils Taking Names’. All of which had the crowd on their feet and in full voice.‘The Slowest Drink At The Saddest Bar On The Snowiest Day In The Greatest City’ is the only song performed from their new ‘Buttsweat and tears’ EP. It’s a catchy song and follows the tried and tested formula that fans of the Lawrence arms will be used to.

The banter between Brendan and the crowd was memorable.  It broke down the barrier between audience and band and added to the whole gig experience. The only criticism that can be made is the lack of favourites such as ‘100 Resolutions’, ‘The Disaster March’ and ‘A Toast’, however this hardly seems like an issue at all when the set list is strong and performed with so much vigour that sweeps you off your feet.

The Lawrence arms might not tour as much as other bands, but its safe to say that they make up for it when they do.

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