Album Review :: Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea – EP

A raw post-rock band which takes many influences and ideas, executes them well with some impressive vocals to add to that.

Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea are a four-piece group from Brighton who have been busy recently, with this being their second EP since forming in spring 2009. It’s the Falling That Counts, Not the Landing is a good all round record with a balance of slow and high tempo tracks.

The first track ‘Any Port In a Storm‘ is a solid opener giving you an insight onto what the rest of the record will consist of; with a simple guitar riff a catchy chorus and, what seems to sets this group apart from the others, some great shouty vocals which manages to keep its originality. ‘Eyes Turned Inwards‘ is one of the slower tracks with the dark, sinister track name reflecting on the song with its dark atmosphere. Starting off slowly and speeding up, changing tempo numerous times throughout – like any good rock band should in my opinion.

In ‘One Hundred Yards into the Desert’ you can definitely hear influences of the likes of Biffy Clyro showing through, with snappy riffs and chaotic drums. At 2:11 long its a short but powerful track. ‘You’ll Get Used Too Me‘ has to be the most impressive track for me: its the slowest song on the EP but is also the catalyst. With some very impressive lyrics and vocals, it definitely shows these boys have some talent.

Johnny Forger‘ is the final track and rounds off the record well but sounds much the same as the other heavier tracks on the record with heavy drums and some clean guitar riffs to break it up. It is also a very short song which is for me one of the few negative points for this EP: that most of the tracks are on the short side.

This is an impressive rock EP from the group, but they lack some originality. Yes its good rock music but its nothing that’s really going to make you take a step back. In saying that the shining light of CM,CS has to be the vocalist with his captivating shouty voice that seems to lift every track. Despite the negatives I think this group has a strong future if they manage to free themselves from sounding like all the other simple riff, post-rock bands kicking about, and try to find their own individual sound.

Crooked Mountain, Crooked Sea are currently on a tour of England, check out their Myspace for details

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