Promo :: Shift Enigma – You’ll Never Know

Liquid Drum N Bass – Soulful & chilled, but just upbeat enough to go completely tits to it when you feel like it.

With a guitar riff strongly retsembling the acoustic version of Incubus’ “Pardon Me” (for some reason,) an incredibly famous (and overused) rave acapella and an overall slight lack in production value, You’ll Never Know, on paper, sounds like the kind of track you find littered all over IMOdownload and SoundCloud because it’s been promoted to hell by some 14-year-old, raised by the Internet rather than his parents, and bound to end up in an IT support job. That is far from the case -Shift Enigma’s latest offering is a track of charm – blissful percussion, a touch of heartbreak in the vocal, a structure that resonates in you – and that’s a pretty rare thing in a genre that generally prides iself on how loud and distorted it is. A little Staind – Outside to Metallica’s St Anger, if you will. Relax. Enjoy. Tune out.

One Response to “Promo :: Shift Enigma – You’ll Never Know”

  1. Paul says:

    sweeeet drivin’ tune I feel, nice one.

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