Time to Escape

nataliethediva @ photobucket

nataliethediva @ photobucket

With the new Muse album The Resistance imminent, we here at Moon and Back music thought we’d pay tribute to the genius’ that are Muse with an unreleased demo from before Showbiz. Without all the studio touches, this demo of Escape offers us a rare glimpse of a young Muse band. ip info The rawness of the track adds real charm to an already great song!

Muse – Escape (Demo)

Oh, and whilst we’re on the subject of unreleased demos, consider this Bloc Party demo, Cells Shaped Like Stars as some what of a bonus track 😀 If you bought the single of The Prayer then you may recognise the instrumentation of this song, its basically the better version of the b-side We Were Lovers.

Bloc Party – Cells Shaped Like Stars (Demo)

And thus concludes my first (and quite frankly, blunt) first post! . Bella peter

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