Gig Review :: Fyfe Dangerfield @ Glee Club, B’ham, 18/01/10

Frontman of The Guillemots, Fyfe Dangerfield, released his solo album Fly Yellow Moon last week. Stripped back and full of lovely summer-sounds, it was interesting to see if the record could be pulled off live and melt the snow outside.  With technical problems rife, coupled with a slightly perturbed Dangerfield, the answer would be: not quite as well as could have been, but suitably impressive enough to justify the ski to the venue.

I’ve seen many bands get more than a little freaked-out at the intimacy of the Glee Club, and lets not beat about the bush: 200 silent & expectant people seated in front of you can hardly be a comfortable audience to play to. However, Dangerfield’s natural charm and confidence in himself and his music helped overcome this, with quips during minutes-long silences during problems with loop-pedals and what-not.

There were many strong moments throughout the show: lead-single When You Walk in the Room was brilliantly performed, Livewire and Firebird offered the biggest lovers of gentle acoustics something to smile about and a couple of Guillemots numbers adapted and thrown in for good measure went down very well. But somehow, the show overall was disjointed and not as smooth as either Dangerfield or the audience would have hoped. It wasn’t just the tech probs, it was the music in general: flitting from acoustic, electric and keyboards offered a little too much variety and whilst I applaud his talent and efforts, the overall result was somewhat inconsistent and stuttered.

A cover of Girls Aloud’s Call the Shots (Live Lounge material?) admittedly raised smiles from the audience as did the ukelele-based encore, but with the lull in Guillemots filled and Dangerfield’s gentle and simpler-side catered for, Dangerfield’s road is not one for him to take by himself but as part of the quartet of which he known for.

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