Advance Album Review :: Lostprophets, The Betrayed

Big riffs, pounding beats and sing-along shout-outs are what we’ve come to expect from Welsh-rockers Lostprophets. Their new album, The Betrayed, boasts all these but with an added extra zest of seriousness.

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The progression from previous albums is similar to switching from, say, a Roger Moore-era James Bond to a Bourne film – they’re both of the same genre and built on the same framework, but they’re pretty fuckin different. So, what to expect from The Betrayal? Raw, gritty riffs, mosh-pit hardcore hooks, epic pop-rock sing-alongs and a vault of potential singles.

Heavier-orientated fans will appreciate [Lee] Gaze’s ridiculous riffs and ¬†on tracks like Dstryr / Dstryr and first single It’s Not The End Of The World But I Can See It From Here, whilst those of you with fonder memories of Goodbye Tonight will appreciate the standard and expected softer moments of the album: Where We Belong and A Better Nothing perhaps.

Lyrically, The Betrayed is standard and none-the-worse for it. The only niggle with this is the contrast in the musical and lyrical progressions. Saying that though, they are simple and accessible and because of that the album will be more attractive to more listeners than some wanky pretentious cryptic clues.

Closing the The Betrayed is the highlight: The Light That Burns Twice As Bright. This epic and anthemic track will leave you needing a new set of speakers as the band completely take things to another level with an atmosphere of dark and epic sincerity pounded via a build-up to heavy distortion and the standard sing-along.

The Betrayed is released on 18/01/2010. Pre-order below

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  1. Piettre says:

    hooow the fookin ‘ell did you get this?! Nice one cheers for the heads up on it!!


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