Guest Playlist : The Drums

To kick things off, The Drums share with us their mix-tape, whilst we share with you their new video. Enjoy

N.b.: Links are to YouTube videos, when available…

Camera ObscuraFrench Navy
The Young Friends – Makeout Point
Cats on FireThe Borders Of This Land
GlasvegasIt’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry
Champagne Riot – The Champagne Anthem

The Field Mice – That’s All This Is
Harvey Williams Don’t Shout at Me
My Favorite 17Berlin
BlueboySo Catch Him
The WakePale Spectre

And now, for our part of the deal…

Thanks to Jacob from The Drums for providing the first of many pretty awesomely kick ass playlists. You can check out our interview with The Drums from last week, or go ahead and just buy their album on the strength of our recommendation, here!

One Response to “Guest Playlist : The Drums”

  1. Leah Holden says:

    just….how cool.

    the wake + glasvegas <3

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