We Say Summer… do you?

This is We Say SummerWe Say Summer, (the title was a giveaway,) not that they really need any introduction, this 5 piece “musical friendship team,” as they call themselves, have been making so much noise the past 12 months that O.A.P’s all over the U.K have been telling their grandchildren to “turn that racket down,” they must have feedback in their hearing aids, because the music is far from “racket.”

With hooks so big you could catch Moby Dick and live shows tighter than a pair of Speedos on Rick Waller’s stunt double, there’s no wonder that these boys are making a name for themselves in bedrooms and venues all across England and other parts.

Once hailed as one of the top ten pop-punk bands on MySpace (before they fucked up the genres), We Say Summer are gig buddies with all the top UK pop-punk bands, giants such as Saving Aimee, Me Vs. Hero and Not Advised all helping make them household names.

With an up and coming tour (see www.myspace.com/wesaysummer for dates) and a new E.P to be released this summer, the band can only get bigger and better, and with more penis jokes than you can shake, well you get the idea, there is bound to be some fucked up laughs a long the way.

You can download the band’s new track, ‘Good Times and Road Signs’ here

To hear more of We Say Summer and to find out when they’re in a town near you, check out their MySpace. The band’s self titled EP is available on iTunes.

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  1. stuart says:

    woooha, sounds like it was released 99! old school blink or nfg, sweet 😛 though…not too sure on the ending, but hey ho, cheers

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