Promo, Advance Album Review :: Fyfe Dangerfield – Fly Yellow Moon

Front-man of avant-garde rock outfit The Guillemots, Fyfe Dangerfield, has embarked on a solo adventure. His debut album, Fly Yellow Moon, is a mixture of the epic, anthem sing-alongs you’d expect whilst interspersed with more delicate songs.

Fly Yellow Moon is a strong solo album cementing Dangerfield’s reputation as an all-round experimentalist and fabulous musician, drawing on sounds from the Manic’s to Beirut and Nick Drake all mixed in with the quirkiness and uniqueness of Fyfe Dangerfield.

Opening the record is the first single, When You Walk in the Room: three minutes of summer sounding, festival-friendly pop. Not everybody’s taste though will be the outro but this is easily overlooked as So Brand New, the opening line giving the album it’s title, starts and Dangerfield exhibits a pitch-perfect, quintessentially English singer-songwriter sound reminiscent of the aforementioned Drake and John Martyn.

Barricades slows the tone down with delicate piano chords similar to very early Coldplay and conjures images of festivals and easy times. Mid-way through Dangerfield is accompanied by a selection of strings, demonstrating further his classical background, eventually tailing off to the sounds of children playing and thus the start of High on the Tide, after which the record (admittedly a little thankfully) picks up pace with Faster Than The Setting Sun.

Next is the record’s acoustic highlight: Livewire. A simple finger-pick of four chords and easy lyrics create a lovely late-summer’s evening tone; sadly, this pleasant feeling is changed by the heavier Firebird. Still, the musicianship and poetry is exceptional and despite previous lighter tones, the album still doesn’t drag or feel padded.

She Needs Me, Don’t Be Shy (listen and just try not to hear Three Hours) and Any Direction finish the album off neatly, if a little impersonally.

Overall Fly Yellow Moon is a strong, independent album that exhibits the adaptability of Dangerfield yet, despite vocals of a more delicate nature, still preserves his Guillemots edge. Older fans will appreciate the more fuller-sounding tracks (When You Walk In The Room, Faster Than The Setting Sun) whilst new fans will be treated to a variable-sounding record. Certainly a strong debut album that will certainly be kept playing through the year.

When You Walk in the Room is the first single to be taken from Fly Yellow Moon

Fly Yellow Moon is out soon and can be purchased from Fyfe Dangerfield’s site.


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Jan 19th 2010 Manchester Deaf Institute £12 0161 832 1111 Click Here
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  1. SamWise09 says:

    really looking forward to the album and live dates. seen the guillemots a couple times so hope it’s not too dissimilar…from what you say i shouldn’t be pleased!

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