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Kitsuné Maison Compilation appearance, place on the BBC Sound of 2010 list, hyper-Hype coverage and now announced as NME Tour openers :: it can only mean The Drums

The DrumsWith the backing of Moshi Moshi Records, there’s few artists around at the moment who’re guaranteed to make as big a splash this year as The Drums. Prior to making that splash, guitarist Jacob Graham took a few moments to talk to Moon & Back about their particular sound, aspirations and feelings on being labeled as ‘surf-music’…

M&B: Your EP, Summertime!, is a bit different to what we normally hear; was this break from the norm an intentional or natural occurrence?

JG: I’d probably say a natural occurrence. We completely surround ourselves with this sort of music, so to us it is what we normally hear. I guess the fluke was that Summertime! made a much bigger splash than expected.

M&B: Love it or hate it, you’re being labelled as a new surf-rock group. How do you feel about this?
JG: Well, I think we’re hoping the surf part will fall off soon. We’re just a rock and roll band, who aren’t really inspired by surf music or culture that much. We just wrote Let’s Go Surfing on a whim and now people use it as a blanket statement for all our songs, when the reality is that song is kind of the wild card. We don’t mind, but just think it’s perhaps a little misleading.

M&B: Do you take much inspiration from the classics of surf-rock like Dick Dale, Surfaris and Chantays etc. etc.
JG: Not really. Those guys have a great sound and we gave it a quick listen, but only after people started making the comparisons.

M&B: What are your hopes for the album: would you prefer underground success or the notice of mainstream attention…or could you not care less because it’s the sort of thing you’d be doing anyway?
JG: That’s exactly right, this is what we do and we’d be doing it regardless of who’s paying attention. But on the other side of the dumpster we’re also not going to shy away from any sort of mainstream attention because we really do believe in what we’re doing and if it could bring about a change in the music industry, even a slight one, I think that would be something to be proud of.

M&B: You’re opening for the NME UK tour in early 2010; how are you feeling about this?
JG: Very excited. It’s some big shoes to fill, looking back at previous openers for the tour. Be careful what you wish for you gods of the western wood. The future is a dream of comports past.

M&B: Is it the first time you’ve played the UK?
JG: No, we’ve been to the UK a couple times now and played a hand full of shows but never anything this extensive.

M&B: You’re included on the Kitsuné Maison Compilation this year so things are looking bright for 2010. What are your expectations and aspirations for the year ahead? (You’re certainly on my ones-to-watch list).
JG: Thank you very much. It was an honor to be included on that compilation. Aspirations for the year ahead are just to work as hard as we can, continue what we’re doing and let nature take it’s course. No expectations (outside of my personal life).

M&B: Fellow NYers to make it big this year in the UK are Passion Pit on the Neon Gold label; do you have much contact with them?
JG: No, never met them. Don’t think I’ve heard their music yet either. We kind of live under a rock. We’re not very interested in current trends in music, we’ve found what we like and we’re stickin to it.

M&B: Summertime! has been released by Moshi Moshi records who’ve helped some pretty awesomely big bands; how’s things going with them?
JG: Our experience with Moshi Moshi was been wonderful. They really understand us and our vision more than most. We plan on continuing to work with them in some regard if it’s at all possible.

The Drums are :: Jonathan Pierce | Jacob Graham | Adam Kessler | Connor Hanwick


Thursday 4th February – Newcastle O2 Academy
Friday 5th February – Glasgow Barrowland
Saturday 6th February – Manchester Academy
Sunday 7th February – Leeds O2 Academy
Tuesday 9th February – Nottingham Rock City
Wednesday 10th February – Norwich UEA
Thursday 11th February – Birmingham O2 Academy
Saturday 13th February – Cardiff University
Sunday 14th February – Bristol O2 Academy
Monday 15th February – Brighton Dome
Tuesday 16th February – Bournemouth O2 Academy
Thursday 18th February – Portsmouth Pyramid / Portsmouth Guildhall
Friday 19th February – Cambridge Corn Exchange
Saturday 20th February – Brixton O2 Academy

Check back soon for The Drum’s Guest Play-List on Moon & Back Music

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  2. […] Drums for providing the first of many pretty awesomely kick ass playlists. You can check out our interview with The Drums from last week, or go ahead and just buy their album on the strength of our recommendation, […]

  3. […] Drums for providing the first of many pretty awesomely kick ass playlists. You can check out our interview with The Drums from last week, or go ahead and just buy their album on the strength of our recommendation, […]

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