Interviews: Hafdis Huld, Broken Records

Iceland's Pop Princess Hafdis Huld, © Bertrand Bosredon,

Hafdis Huld

Moon and Back Music are proud to announce a series of interviews you may be interested in. Kicking things off is an exclusive discussion with the gorgeous Hafdis Huld prior to her Birmingham Academy 3 (formerly Bar Academy) gig tomorrow evening. Not saying too much, but expect alot from this show; tickets still available. Image © Bertrand Bosredon,

Scotland's 'Arcade Fire': Broken Records © Ryan Dunn

Broken Records

Secondly, prior to their UK tour, Scotland’s Broken Records will be taking a breather after their photo-shoot to talk to us about their debut release, their deep lyrics and their knack for creating insanely perfect indie-folk songs. Expect a hell of alot from this band; their album is already a strong competitor in our minds for Top 5 2009. They are playing the intimately cosey Glee Club this coming Sunday; tickets still available. Image © Ryan Dunn

Check back here late tomorrow/early Thursday for all!


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  1. Jacob says:

    That Hafdis Huld, wouldn’t mind lic-oricing her allsort!!!

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