Gig Review :: Doll & The Kicks – Liverpool Echo Arena – 07/11/2009 (Supporting Morrissey)

Morrissey might have only stuck around for a bit, but these guys were stuck in my head all night. Bloody fantastic, it was!

datkI might have branded last night as a “waste” (I feel ashamed right about now) in my previous review but, prior to the departure of the aforementioned, Brighton-based Doll & The Kicks warmed us all up. Just a shame it turned out to be a bit of a tepid evening.

The unsigned, indie foursome have been supporting Morrissey since the UK leg of the Tour Of Refusal began back in April, and came as a nice surprise when Moz hit Manchester. Since then I’ve been following their progress and was more than happy to see them for a third time in Liverpool last night.

Fronted by the extremely charismatic Doll, the band (seperately known as Doll, Chris, Matt and Olivier) have gone from strength to strength, and are one of the most energetic acts I have come to witness over the past few years. How these guys haven’t been snapped up by some label yet is beyond me.

The one thing everyone will notice about DATK is their energy. It’s great to see a band that just go out there and give it all they’ve got. They’ve certainly got an amazing amount of talent, charisma and stage presence. You can’t ask for anything more really. Their “dancey” beats complimented perfectly by Matt’s guitar playing was more than enough to get people on their feet. I reckon there was a fair few albums bought that night too. The crowd seemed really into the music. You can definitely hear the influences, but DATK certainly have a sound of their own.

No matter who you are, you need stage presence to be good live,and these guys have it in bucket loads. Doll has a fantastic voice and just seems to command attention. I don’t think there was anyone in the building who could look away. She danced around the stage in a very avant-garde manner and, as my mate Dan pointed out, often in quite a Morrissey-esque way. Minus the foliage of course.

Us Morrissey fans might be known for our love of meloncoly and complete apathy, but these guys got the Moz-faithful going and really got the night off to a great start. Those who’ve seen them before will have recognized songs like: Roll Up The Red Carpet, You Turn Up and He Was A Dancer. There was one new song included, but as Doll said herself, they were all new to the majority of people watching.

I’ve already said these guys are great and certainly think they’re going to be big in the future. They certainly deserve to be. A great start to what should’ve been a great night. Go and see them if you can, you won’t be disappointed.

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